Webinars for long-term sustainabilityAfter the initial few webinars on how to prepare the hospitals for the COVID crisis, CHAI organized a series of webinars on long-term sustainability, mostly for those who are in healthcare leadership of the network. Eminent speakers from within and outside the CHAI network spoke on a range of topics in order to sensitize the leadership on innovation, sustainability and optimization, especially in the midst of the COVID crisis. A summary of the webinars launched thus far include:

  • Webinar 1: Financial sustainability of CHAI hospitals
  • Webinar 2: Tele-Health solutions
  • Webinar 3: Smart Procurement
  • Webinar 4: Leveraging Data 

The main speakers for these webinars were Mr. Felix Fernandez, Mr. Srivathsan Aparajithan, Fr. Johnson Vazhappilly CMI, Mr. Manick Rajendran, Mr. John Santhosh, Sr. Sugandhy SAL, Sr. Lizy Jose SAL, Rev. Dr. Sebastian OFM Cap, Mr. Rohit Sathe, Dr. Vijay Arul Das, Dr. Evita Fernandez and Dr. Sr. Beena Madhavath, UMI.

Click here to see the recorded sessions of these webinars

As part of the implementation of CHAI Vision 2030, these webinars will be continued in order to facilitate interdependence, solidarity and cross learning within the CHAI network, and continue the mission of affordable, quality and compassionate healthcare, especially at the margins of the society. We are planning to organize a series of webinars for those who give leadership for community health, Primary Healthcare, and other specialized healthcare services like palliative care, disability care and so on. 

The next webinar is scheduled on 7th August and the topic is the rollout of a self-paced online course, on preparedness of healthcare providers to manage COVID 19. This is a joint initiative of CHAI, SDFI, Tata Trust and CMC Vellore (click here for details).

Self-paced online CoursesMLH Courses : In the context of the COVID 19 crisis, CHAI Academy is rolling out 4 online courses:

  1. Hospital Directors, Administrators and management team (7 Hrs)
  2. Nurses and allied healthcare providers (6 Hrs)
  3. Doctors (8 Hrs)
  4. Community health providers (6 Hrs)

These are self-paced courses that could be done at convenience and are divided into chapters and various units. Certificate are issued to the participant on the successful completion of the course. Click here to see the courses

University of Melbourne Course : CHAI is partnering with the University of Melbourne to rollout an online course, for sister doctors, titled “Communicating: COVID 19”. This course is designed to help clinicians communicate with patients, caretakers and the community effectively regarding the COVID pandemic. Click here to see the details of the course. 

GratitudeWe are grateful to Intent health and the CHAI Team for all their efforts to make these webinars a success. A special thanks to TC4A for providing the MLH platform, free of cost, to host these webinars. 

Thanking you,

Rev Dr Mathew Abraham, C.Ss.R

Director General, CHAI