Internship Program

CHAI is frequented by volunteers and interns who come here from all over the world and go back with an enriching experience. The internship placement can be developed for a one week, one month, 3-4-month period, an academic quarter, an academic semester, or for a full year depending upon the requirement of the students/interns. The internship placements provide the students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to practical work and international experience in a developing country and develop skills in various sectors and contribute as a volunteer to health and development initiatives abroad.

Upon their arrival here, the students undergo an orientation program to familiarize them with the various programs/ interventions that CHAI is currently implementing. Based on their areas of interest, academic requirements, personal expectations and learning objectives, a final internship plan is delineated. The internship is usually a combination of community/rural placements as well as placement in the CHAI head office and Community care centre. For the entire duration of the internship, the students will be supported and guided by Preceptors who are competent and dedicated professionals working in Health care sector. We do understand the limitations of the students in terms of language and culture. It will be our endeavour to place them in settings comfortable to them and have a local point person who is conversant in English, to guide them.

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