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The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) is a Network of 3572 Healthcare and Social Service Institutions across India providing

  • Basic medical care

  • Specialized and super-specialized medical care

  • Care to the Elderly

  • Disability Rehabilitation

  • End of life care

  • Medical and Nursing Education

  • Care to people living with HIV

  • Counselling and De-addiction services

  • Alternative Medicine Treatments

Member Institutions of CHAI


Currently, CHAI has 3572 member institutions. Most of them are located in remote and difficult-to-reach areas functioning under 11 Regional Units. These units stand as the backbone of the organization. CHAI extends primary, preventive, promotive and curative care services to the community along with its 2,345 primary care centres, 647 secondary and tertiary hospitals, including renowned centres to over 21 million people a year through 1000 Sister-doctors, 25,000 nuns, 10,000 paramedics and 15,000 social workers. Besides, it has a huge number of employees.

Community Health, Mother and Child Health, Communicable Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Disability Rehabilitation and Disaster Relief are its focus areas. The core focus of the network remains Compassionate, Affordable, and Quality Healthcare.

Remarkably, most of this care is delivered by a core team of full-time volunteers, mostly religious sisters; that is, almost all volunteers are women. The sisters belong to different congregations, whose leadership is entirely composed of women.

From the most sophisticated hospital to the humblest clinic, CHAI Member Institutions aim to improve people’s lives through a holistic approach that cares for the entire person and protects the most marginalised against catastrophic health expenditures.

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Map of Regional Units of CHAI

“Health care ministry will always be a necessary and fundamental task, to be carried out with renewed enthusiasm by all”


Pope Francis