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Message from the Ecclesiastical Advisor

Dear members of CHAI across the nation and all the Regional Secretaries for Catholic Health Care Commissions,

Greetings of Easter, Joy and Hope, and Peace to every one of you! I am reaching out to you through this brief letter! I hope you are keeping fine and doing well in your healing apostolate!

As health providers with your hospitals, primary health care centers, and clinics, I know, all of you are trying to respond to the demands and needs in this rather testing and challenging situation brought about by the COVID-19 virus. This pandemic has already affected every section of society and every sector of life. The severity and enormity of the situation and the consequent demands on health care systems and health care providers are unprecedented. Yet, you are trying to play your role and contribute your share in responding to protect life and accompany the affected people and their families. As the Episcopal advisor of CHAI, I am trying to accompany you with my prayers and a little sharing in the online meetings organized by Fr. Dr. Mathew, the Director of CHAI. Congratulations to all the members for what you are doing in helping humanity to face the onslaught of COVID-19!

Not all the members of CHAI, I know, have equal strength, both in matters infrastructure facilities and financial resources. I believe, and we all should believe, that “we cannot do everything, but let us do what we can do in the best way possible!” Where our work is visible and recognized, let us be happy and proud of doing our part. Where we are working behind the scenes, let us be even more glad and keep telling ourselves, “We are doing this because we want to love and serve our nation”. It does not matter whether others notice or recognize. So, my dear CHAI members, just continue to be there and keep doing what is possible in the best way possible!

Invoking the blessings of the Risen Christ, the Victorious one, and accompanying you with my prayers,

Prakash Mallavarapu
Archbishop of Visakhapatnam & Chairman, CBCI Office for Health Care,
Ecclesiastical Advisor of CHAI