CHAI Academy E-learning Platform

CHAI Academy is a priority initiative in CHAI’s Vision 2030, under the section of Education and Professional Growth. It envisaged Leadership and Management Training; and Capacity Building for Quality Healthcare.

COVID restrictions brought in lot of challenges , especially regarding on-site training programmes. However the pandemic has also demonstrated the benefits of technology and online learning. Online education enables the learners to set their own pace with a flexible schedule that adjusts to work and other obligations. In addition, it presents a wide range of courses and is cost-effective compared to on-site training programmes. 

Since Community Health is one of the four key focus areas of CHAI, a self paced online course was launched in August 2021, in collaboration with SOCHARA, supported by MISEREOR, on the CHAI Academy platform. Eventually, CHAI is planning to integrate more of such self-paced online courses under various topics in collaboration with various national and international partners. Click here for more details about the CHAI Academy platform. 

We wish the current 60 participants of the Community Health Learners Programme all success.