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Medigate Platform Launched

CHAI, in collaboration with BillionLives, its technology partner has launched the first version of ‘Medigate’, a common procurement platform for members of the network.

The Medigate solution can be used to automate high volumes of operational and analytical functions, to drive better decision making and to forge more innovative and profitable partnerships with suppliers and service organizations. The key benefit for organisations using procurement software includes ease of administration and potential long-term cost savings. Having a single interface for procurement related management information cuts down the time and effort required to monitor organisational spending.

Features include

  • Requisitions – Creation of a purchase order with line items to be fulfilled by a vendor. Automated Sending via Fax or Email.
  • Vendor Follow Up – Automated, or reminders to follow up with Vendors to Confirm Purchase Orders.
  • Receiving of Goods or Services – Maintaining a physical inventory of goods.
  • Financial Settlement – Creation of financial and/or inventory related transactions as goods are physically received.