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CHAI Elected as LINC-Asia Chair

Rev Dr Mathew Abraham CSsR, MD (Director General, CHAI), was elected as the new Chairperson for LINC-Asia, during the 3-day Liliane International Network Community-Asia (LINC-Asia) Face to Face Meet. He will lead the LINC-Asia secretariat seated at CHAI, for the next 3 years, as part of LINCInternational network facilitated by Liliane Foundation (LF).

In order to share knowledge and best practices, Strategic Partner Organisations (SPOs) of Liliane Foundation in Asia, Latin America and Africa have formed Regional Networks. The SPOs join forces under these LINC Regional Networks for mobilizing resources towards strengthening sustainability, as well as for advocating disability inclusion. LINC’s common vision is to promote an inclusive society where people with disabilities, especially children and youth, enjoy their rights on an equitable basis. Accordingly, LINC-Asia and other Regional Networks work towards strengthening the voice of children and youth with disabilities and their families.  

CHAI, in collaboration with the LF and 72 partner organizations in India, is currently caring nearly 8000 children and youth with disability, supporting them on education, healthcare, livelihood and social inclusion.