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The Catholic Health Association of India celebrates it 72 years of service. The organization has grown in terms of its membership, services and expanded the scope for encompassing and achieving the mission for which it was established in 1943. The organization has been shaped and nurtured by the visionaries who directed it and by the impact of national and international happenings. There have been paradigm shifts to meet the needs and to fulfill the vision and mission of reaching the poor and marginalized.

The Catholic Hospital Association was founded on 29th July 1943, by Sr. Dr. Mary Glowrey, JMJ, in association with 16 religious sisters, July, 1943. It was founded with the motto of improvement in standard of health education and promotion of catholic values and option for poor. Sr.(Dr) Mary Glowrey was the first President and served till December 1951. She was on the Board as the first Vice-President till October 1956. 16 sisters came together to establish...

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