Build an inclusive society where persons with disabilities can achieve their full potential

A donation of ₹7000 provides therapeutic care & support for 1 person with disability for a whole year

CHAI’s dedicated efforts have positively impacted the lives of nearly 1 lakh children and youth with disabilities in rural communities across multiple states in India. Through holistic relief and rehabilitation programs encompassing health, education, vocational training, and livelihood support, CHAI ensures comprehensive support for individuals with disabilities.

With a focus on inclusion, CHAI’s disability initiatives prioritize the integration of children and young individuals with disabilities into society. By providing tailored education, whether inclusive, special, or integrated, based on their specific needs, CHAI aims to guarantee equal opportunities.

Our goal is to broaden the reach of our disability services, benefiting an additional 1,500 children and young individuals with disabilities. With a unit cost of Rs. 7000 per child for one year, the projected total project cost amounts to Rs. 3,01,07,700.

A contribution as small as Rs. 7,000 can have a tremendous impact, providing a full year of immense relief to a patient. Your generous donation ensures lasting support and comfort during their journey towards well-being, making a significant difference in their lives.

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