CHAI Rolls out Geo-tagging Software for Promoting Transparency

Integrity is one of the most sought after core values, particularly in the non-profit sector. Current innovations in technology have brought forth new methods to track transparency and accountability. Towards this, CHAI has introduced a new Geo-Tagging software to monitor and report on the impact of funds received. This software pushes reporting to another level by providing real time data on the status of projects across the nation, and we are very happy to share this online. This data is for the families reached in the current month.

Click here to view real-time data using Geo-Tagging
Click here to see how to navigate through the Geo-Tagging information

As part of the COVID-19 response, CHAI, through the generosity of several funding partners was able to mobilize Rs 1.27 crores(12.74 million) and provided dry food kits to 3250 vulnerable families in 17 states of the country through 56 implementing partners (Click here for details) . In most of these places, CHAI will continue to support these families over the next 6 months. We followed a systematic and transparent process to ensure this.

The Process:

  • Expression of Interest (EoI): CHAI called for an EOI from Member Institutions and existing partners to be able to support these families across states.
  • Selection: 26 implementing partners were selected from 67 applications. For the Lilliane fond project 30 implementing partners were selected from 57 partner organisations using a selection criteria.
  • Orientation: The selected Implementing Partners were oriented on the project through Zoom meetings. This covered selection of vulnerable families, financial procedures, documentation & reporting through geo-tagging.
  • Vendor Selection: Each implementing partner was required to obtain three quotes from local vendors to supply the food kits. Our procurement committee selected the most appropriate vendors and money was transferred directly to the vendors.

The Geo-Tagging software was developed and provided to CHAI free of cost by Mr John Santhosh, a Catholic Technocrat, founder and CEO of BillionLives, a social impact company. We are grateful for his generosity, his social responsibility, and our meaningful ongoing partnership. There is still a great deal of need across the country and we are receiving requests for help regularly. Kindly support our efforts by sharing our work on social media and to all your contacts. If you wish to contribute financially, click here.

Warm Regards,

Rev Dr Mathew Abraham, C.Ss.R

Director General, CHAI