CHAI’s Response to COVID-19

As the second wave of COVID-19 is sweeping across the country, CHAI has stepped up our efforts to face the growing challenges. CHAI is employing a multi-pronged approach and is working with member institutions within its network, other healthcare networks, civil society organisations, and national and state governments.

Current Situation

The second wave of COVID in India has been worse than 2020, with over 300,000 positive cases identified for nine consecutive days and close to 3,000 people dying each day. According to the Government of India, there are around 1.95 COVID related deaths every minute. On 29th April more than 3, 80,000 cases were diagnosed and 3,645 people died. Total confirmed cases are now more than 18.7 million with nearly 208, 330 deaths.

The devastating second wave in India has seen hospitals and crematoriums overwhelmed. Apart from the trauma caused by the disease itself, families are facing unprecedented crises due to the non-availability of hospital beds, medications, including oxygen, for their loved ones. The hospitals and the care-givers are overwhelmed and exhausted and soon there will be shortage of care-givers as well.

CHAI’s Response to the Second Wave in 2021

During this second wave, CHAI is in the process of supporting hospitals with PPE kits, oxygen concentrators, and other essential equipment. CHAI is also initiating an ambitious vaccination campaign trying to reach at least a million people, especially the poor and those at the margins. CHAI has initiated a volunteering platform, compiling existing initiatives in different parts of the country. CHAI is involved in an awareness campaign to promote COVID appropriate behaviour and vaccination drive.

Along with our partners, Billion Lives, Intent Health and Sister Doctors Forum of India, CHAI has launched VacciNet, a COVID Vaccination movement to reach millions of people in India, especially those at the margins of society.

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CHAI has been selected as a member of the “Catholic Cares Coalition” for promoting education of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

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CHAI’s Response to the Initial Outbreak in 2020

CHAI’s response to this emergency during the first wave was multi-pronged. Dry food kits were provided to over 5,000 vulnerable families for a period of six months, especially those of the migrant labourers, in 17 states of the country through 56 implementing partners. More than 15000 people were reached with COVID-19 awareness. PPE kits were supplied to over 109 hospitals for a duration of six months, in order to protect the caregivers. Several webinars and online courses were organized for about 2000 caregivers and managers of the hospitals. 72 member institutions of CHAI were involved in COVID care at different levels. 75 million INR was mobilized from funding partners for the above-mentioned initiatives. Technology solutions like geo-tagging platform, procurement portal etc were used to promote efficiency and transparency.