In the small serene village of Peddakorukondi, located in the Khammam district in Telangana, lived Mrs. Chittiamma – a simple but happy life. A tragic turn in her life happened a few years ago, when her husband died in a road accident. Struggling with her grief and a series of unfortunate events pushed her into some kind of ‘strange behavior’ as observed by others. This change in her behavior resulted in bitter disputes with her brother. Their constant fights escalated, and eventually Chittiamma was forced out of her home. Homeless and isolated, she started begging on the streets for food and money, struggling each day for survival.

The next turning point in Chittiamma’s life happened when the compassionate sisters of the St. Joseph Health Center entered into her life. Moved by her terrible situation, the sisters began to provide her with regular meals and took her under their care. During this time, Chittiamma was taken to a doctor and diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, a condition she had been silently suffering for several years. The sisters supported Chittiamma with shelter and initiated a rigorous treatment plan that included daily doses of antipsychotic medications. Her journey towards recovery was long and challenging, but gradually Chittiamma started responding to the treatment. With consistent medical attention and the nurturing environment provided by the sisters, she began to reclaim her life.

After years of dedicated and compassionate care by the sisters, Chittiamma showed remarkable improvement. She became capable of performing her daily tasks independently and started to communicate effectively with those around her. As she regained her mental stability, the longing to reunite with her daughter grew stronger. Recognizing this need, the sisters reached out to her daughter, explaining Chittiamma’s condition and progress. Chittiamma’s daughter agreed to take her back home. As the mother and daughter embraced after years of separation, the reunion became an amazing experience of joy and relief for everyone. The sisters also assisted Chittiamma in obtaining a widow’s pension from the government, providing her with a monthly livelihood support.

Today, Chittiamma lives happily with her daughter, surrounded by love and care. Her story will remain in history as a testament of the power of compassion, medical intervention, and community support. The sisters of the St. Joseph Health Center not only provided her with a second chance in life but also restored her human dignity and family bonds. Chittiamma’s journey from despair to hope serves as an inspiring example that with support and perseverance, even the most challenging circumstances can become an opportunity. An act of compassion can make everyone happy, both the receiver and the giver. When was the last time you did an act of compassion? Cherish the joy of that moment! When will you do your next act of compassion? Look around and keep building a culture of compassion.