Prevent disease and promote good health in rural communities

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CHAI’s community health approach is proactive and preventive, aiming to improve the well-being of diverse communities. By addressing health disparities, promoting education, and advocating for policy changes, these initiatives strive to create healthier and more resilient communities. Playing a pivotal role, CHAI’s community health initiatives focus on promoting healthy behaviours, disease prevention, and early intervention.

Currently active in 15 states and collaborating with 35 Member Institutions (MIs), CHAI’s community health initiatives reach approximately 250,000 individuals across 175 villages. Through these efforts, CHAI is making a tangible difference in enhancing community well-being and promoting healthier futures.

With a goal to expand our reach, CHAI aims to impact the lives of 400,000 individuals by extending our initiatives to an additional 250 villages in the next two years. A contribution of 2L can support an entire village for one year, ensuring improved health for these communities, while 4 crores would enable CHAI to reach another 3.5 to 4 lakh people in the new villages.

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