About the organization

The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) is one of the world’s largest Non-Governmental Organizations in the health sector with more than 3,500 member institutions which are predominantly engaged in providing comprehensive health care services to the poor and marginalized through its various  programs  and  other  community  based  initiatives.  CHAI’s  network  which  operates throughout India from its Urban, semi-urban, rural and remote locations, has been working with commitment and enthusiasm to bring complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being to all for almost 74 years now.

From hospital based institutional care to home based care and community outreach programs, CHAI is implementing a gamut of programs and services for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, Disaster  Management  and  other  Community  Health  interventions.   Also,  in  a  resource constrained setting like India’s, where capacity building of health care professionals and front line workers is essential in delivering quality health care services and improving health care outcomes,  CHAI  is  offering  various  recognised  courses  towards  continuing  medical education. Recognizing the need for change, CHAI also plays a vital role in Advocacy with the Government at the district, state and National levels to take corrective measures in addressing the challenges and gaps within the present public health care delivery system.

About the Internship program

CHAI is frequented by volunteers and interns who come here from all over the world and go back with an enriching experience. The internship placement can be developed for a one week, one month, 3-4 month period, an academic quarter, an academic semester, or for a full year depending upon the requirement of the students/interns. The internship placements provide the students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to practical work and international experience in a developing country and develop skills in various sectors and contribute as a volunteer to health and development initiatives abroad. Upon their arrival here, the students undergo an orientation program to familiarize them with the various programs/  interventions  that  CHAI is  currently  implementing.    Based  on  their  areas  of interest, academic requirements, personal expectations and learning objectives, a final internship plan is delineated. The internship is usually a combination of community/rural placements as well as placement in the CHAI head office and Community care centre. For the entire duration of the internship, the students will be supported and guided by Preceptors who are competent and dedicated professionals working in Health care sector. We do understand the limitations of the students in terms of the language and culture. It will be our endeavour to place them in settings comfortable to them and have a local point person who is conversant in English, to guide them.

Placement opportunities:

1 Primary Health Centers Rural setting/ Mandal/village level
2 Hospital Setting:(small, medium and big hospitals) Urban, semi urban, rural, tribal
3 Community Level Village, rural setting
4  Community care centers  Rural and semi urban setting
5 CHAI Head Office State level

Information for students:

  • Internships  are  not  paid  and  all  costs  of  travel  and  accommodation  are  the responsibility of the intern or the sponsoring institution.
  • An administrative fee will be charged to all students/interns. This is a onetime administrative fee and can be paid by the student upon his/her arrival here.
  • Laptops, internet facility and Work stations are also available to the students at minimal costs for the duration of their stay here
  • Transport  facilities: Once we receive the trip  itinerary and  flight details of the students, CHAI will be happy to assist them with transportation from the airport to their accommodation. These transportation facilities are available to the students/ interns at nominal charges and can also be availed by the students at any time during their stay here with prior intimation.
  • Accommodation: basic accommodation facilities are available in CHAI at a nominal cost. The accommodation can be booked subject to availability. Individual as well as shared accommodation is available.
  • Security: Please note that the aforementioned accommodation facilities are very safe and has 24hour security.
  • Food/ Meals: There is a fully fledged cafeteria which provides breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tea and coffee are also available. The meals provided in the cafeteria are balanced and nutritious and the kitchens adhere to strict standards of hygiene and sanitation. 
  • Laundry facilities are available on payment basis. Bed linen will be provided however, the students are advised to bring their own towels and any other items that they may require for their personal use.
  • Travel: Please note that the students will need to take care of their own travel expenses while on placement in the Primary Health Centres or during their visits to the rural community. We will be able to provide an approximate estimation closer to the time of internship.
  • Dress code: As the students will be required to travel to some rural and remote locations where the folks are culturally more conservative, we advise the students to bring clothes which will be more appropriate in those settings
  • Travel and Tourism: Since India is a very culturally rich land and is known for its diversity in terms of landscapes and culture, we recommend that the students can travel to some selected destinations in India to enrich their experience here. CHAI will be happy to connect them to travel agents who can help them in this regard.

*Kindly note that the students will be entirely responsible for their own safety and wellbeing for the duration of their stay and travel in India. The organization will not take any responsibility on this account.

How to apply?

You are invited to send your detailed CV to

  • This includes details regarding your education, current studies, and language and computer skills.
  • You will also need to write a Cover Letter to express your motivation for applying for the Internship (maximum length – three paragraphs).
  •  Please state your particular areas of interest, proposed duration of internship and location preference.


  • You should be above the age of 18 yrs at the time of application
  • You should be dedicated and willing to work outside your comfort zone.
  • Fluency in English; written and spoken.
  •  Ability and willingness to work in rural and remote locations.

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