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Putting the ‘Action Plan 2020’ evolved out of the participatory Strategic Planning Process, CHAI is facilitating its Member Institutions and their religious congregations to revisit their charism, rediscover their relevance in the emerging context and reposition their Sister Nurses/Social workers as ‘Community Health Enablers’. Over 90% of the Catholic health care facilities are managed by women religious congregations. The key to repositioning of Catholic health ministry hence is to enable women religious to revisit their health ministry and reposition themselves. The paradigm shift in this whole process is that the sister-nurses, instead of waiting for people to come to their health centers, have to reach out to people at their doorsteps.
As on date, since October 2015, a total of 34 major religious congregations in the health sector have been partnering with the project. So far, 1721 members (146 provincials & 798 councillors & 777 administrators of various hospitals / healthcentres) personally attended consultations at various levels. They represented a total of 165 provinces, 38336 sisters, 7244 sister-nurses and 363 sister doctors.
One of the components of this whole process – the three-month long training on “Sisters Nurses as Community Health enablers,” provides the trainees space and time to reflect and pray over Christ’s Healing Mission. Along with, during these 3 months, the sister trainees acquires knowledge and skills in herbal remedies and other alternative modes of healing/drugless therapies, family and de-Addiction counselling, provision of psychological first-aid in trauma, holistic geriatric and palliative care, nuances in maternal & child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, health advocacy and communitized health care, etc.
The 5th batch of the 3-month training on ‘Sister Nurses as Community Enablers’ for 61 sister nurses from 28 Congregations, was inaugurated on 4th Jan. 2018 by Most Rev. Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General, CBCI, at CHAI Training Centre.
DSC06171The valedictory ceremony of this 5th batch was held on 2 April, 2018. “Renewal of Our Commitment to His Healing Mission” was the theme of the day.  His Excellency Bishop Raphel Thattil, Eparchy of Shamshabad, was the Chief Guest. Rev Fr John Vattamattom, Executive Director Emeritus of CHAI; Rev  Dr Mathew Abraham, Director-General, CHAI; and Rev Dileep, Director of CTC & Pratyasha, were present. The sister trainees demonstrated what they learned during the course with a power-point presentation. During the interaction with the Chief Guest and the Director-General, the trainees expressed how they benefitted from the course to enhance their service in healing mission. 
During the Breaking the Word (Lk 10: 1-23), the Chief Guest in his inspiring address spoke on the theme “Renewal of Our Commitment to His Healing Mission”.  With appropriate quotes, and anecdotes from the Bible, he spoke about Jesus’ Healing Ministry and exhorted the Sisters to continue their committed service with sincerity and determination.  He also congratulated them for their efficient service and called upon them to follow the footsteps of the Divine Healer while serving the poor and the marginalized.
Certificates and medical kits were given away to the participants by the Chief Guest, Rev Dr Mathew Abraham, and Rev Fr John Vattamattom.

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