The Healthcare Environment in India has been undergoing some significant changes. The Clinical Establishments Act adapted by some states has brought forth new challenges for Mission Hospitals. The IRDA and NABH have initiated activities aimed at improving Quality of Care and Patient Safety. These require hospitals to get accredited with NABH in order to qualify being empanelled with Insurance Companies.

Recognizing this need, CHAI is launching consulting support to Member Hospitals that can help CHAI Members implement these standards and get accredited with NABH. We believe a right step in this direction would help our member institutions stay relevant and compete better.

CHAI has appointed IBHAR, a Consulting and Performance Management company based in Chennai, to help member institutions with the NABH Entry Level Accreditation process. IBHAR has successfully assisted corporate and other organizations including CHAI institutions in India and abroad to transform, improve performance and implement NABH required standards.

IBHAR would facilitate as well as manage the process through which CHAI Member organizations can implement the required processes and changes required by the NABH Entry Level accreditation.

The workshops are designed to bring about a quick change that can be sustained through empowered management processes, assisted by technology.

IBHAR would conduct a Cluster-based Approach to assisting member organizations understand, implement and sustain processes, practices and improvements making them compliant to NABH standards. A Cluster would consist of a minimum of 20 member organizations.

As part of this, hospitals  joining this initiative will be provided with:

  • Inputs on what needs to be done to make their facilities compliant
  • Tools to implement processes
  • Standard Policies and Operating procedures
  • Methods of Review
  • Problem-identification and Problem-solving techniques and methodology
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Inputs on Training Areas, Topics, Sub-topics
  • Performance Measurement Tools
  • Inputs on Reducing Infection and Improvement of Safety
  • Support to file NABH application on becoming compliant with CHAI’s

The initiative will take participant hospitals through a structured process-driven 60-day guided program.

Participant Hospitals would work in a cluster. Each cluster would comprise of 25 participant hospitals.


The Investments are based on the size of the participant hospital. The fee would cover – Resource material, Consulting, Workshops, Access to the best consultants, Consulting over (email, phone), Access to Blogs, Initial assessment post 45 days of implementation, Forms, Registers, SOPs, Policies, Access to progress and implementation over a web-based application till accreditation.


25-50 Bed 50-100 Bed 100-300 Beds > 300 Bed
Accommodation + Food (2pax)
Initial workshop (3 days)               4,500               4,500                4,500 4,500
Summary workshop (2 days)               3,000               3,000                3,000 3,000
Consulting 15,000 20,000              20,000 20,000
Resources 15,000 25,000 35,000 45,000
Support for 2 months 15,000 25,000 35,000 45,000
Assessment 2,500 2,500 2,500 7,500
in INR 55,000 80,000 100,000 125,000
Service Tax 12.36% 6798 9888 12360 15450
TOTAL 61,798 89,888 1,12,360 1,40 450

70% of the fee will have to be paid in advance and the remaining 30% shall be paid before the pre-assessment visit to the institution or 3 months from the date of initial training, whichever is earlier. 


Nursing & Hospital Administration :  They would be required to implement the processes and report.They should have authority to implement process changes, gather personnel for training, get approvals for implementing infrastructure changes.

Date of Training

March 19th and 20th

Participants can arrive CHAI central office at secunderabad on 18th evening and can leave on 20th after 5pm. The training begins at 9am on 19th of March

Financial Support From CHAI:

As part of CHAI’s commitment to support our Member hospitals, 25% of the total fee will be supported by CHAI for first 40 institutions that come forward for joining this initiative.
Interested hospitals are requested to send in letters of interest to the below-given email by 20th of February

In case of any clarifications, please contact:

Mr Ramu Karra at 09885365355

(Click to download document details the approach and contents of the initiative.)

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