HIV  & AIDS CARE, SUPPORT AND TREATMENT CENTRESCHAI has been to implementing HIV/AIDS Intervention Programmes since 1993. We have enabled over 150 of its Member Institutions to manage HIV/AIDS community care centres offering in-patient and out-patient services providing treatment for opportunistic infections, clinical management, counseling and care partnering with public health institutions, government and other NGOs.  In collaboration with NACO, 123 of 253 erstwhile Community Care Centers (CCCs) for PLHIVs across the country were managed by CHAI MIs until April 2013. More than 15,00,000 PLHIVs received outpatient services and approximately 500,000 PLHIVs received in-patient services from these CCCs of CHAI MIs.

At present, ninety Member Institutions of CHAI provide care, support and treatment services to over 15000 patients infected and affected by HIV/AIDS across the country. Over 40 CHAI Member Institutions focus exclusively on addressing the needs of children with vulnerability resulting specifically from HIV/AIDS. As a result of this, over 2000 children infected and affected with HIV/AIDS are currently being taken care of and have access to better quality of life through comprehensive care and support through institutional services providing nutritional support, psychological support, medical assistance, clothing, education and palliative care services.

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