jesusEaster celebrates God’s power to overcome death, sin, evil and injustice. God wanted His son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross and through it save the world. The message of the Cross is that selflessness will triumph over selfishness, acceptance over hatred, truth over untruth, and that life will overcome death.Resurrection emphasis how through Jesus’ sacrificial death God has blessed the world with a new energy that is life-affirming, life-giving and life-promoting for those who embrace the way of the Cross.
The hope that Cross brings is that no matter how bleak the present might look, no matter how daunting the road ahead might seem, one need not give up or give in; one needs only to hope, trust and believe.
May this Easter and every day of our lives be filled with the happiness and love of Jesus. May we who are blessed with health and wealth serve the last, least and the lost.
May the Risen Lord bless everyone!

Rev.Dr.Tomi Thomas, IMS

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