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Vision : Bring together professionals willing to collaborate and transform healthcare to its original purpose where people are not exploited in the midst of sickness and suffering but discover an opportunity for healing, comfort and the rediscovery of hope and God. 

Therefore, Doctors for India will enable rural, mission hospitals run by women Religious to meet their most urgent requirement of Doctors through a fixed duration voluntary commitment and ensure medical services to the poor and vulnerable. 

CHAI will spearhead the project and provide all the required support to the Doctors and the Hospitals for a mutually beneficial posting.

A large network of doctors and other health care professionals to volunteer to work in mission hospitals on short term commitments of 6 months to one year.


  • You sign up here with your preferences (we do not guarantee that all preferences will be met but we will make sure of a best possible match).
  • CHAI matches you with 3 possible hospitals from our Hospital Database.
  • Final choice of hospital is made based on discussions and mutual agreement.
  • Hospital is informed and preparations are made for your placement.
  • CHAI coordinates between you and the Hospital to ensure a smooth placement and a mutually beneficial posting.
  • The Hospital will take care of local/state registration and all legal and statutory compliances.
  • To see the list and profile of Hospitals available, click here

Nature of Posting

This will depend a great deal on the location, the hospital and duration of posting, but in general:

  • You will most likely be a regular duty doctor with regular consulting hours
  • For shorter postings:
    • You may be substituting a Specialist or Sister Doctor who has left or gone on leave
    • You may be conducting a short-term camp or clinic catering to your specialization

What CHAI will Arrange / Provide:

  • Matching Hospital and Doctor
  • Tripartite MoU with Hospital, Doctor and CHAI
  • Travel coordination
  • Ensure safe accommodation
  • Overall Safety
  • Mentoring by Senior Doctors (if required)
  • Facilitate sightseeing (Fun@Doctors for India) 

What the Hospital will Arrange or Provide:

  • Safe food and accommodation
  • Local / State medical license or registration and compliance to statutory requirements
  • Pay a stipend as per the size and capacity of the facility
  • A SPOC (Single Point of Contact) at the Hospital for guidance and assistance during the posting.
  • General guidance and mentorship to acclimatise you to the new working conditions
  • Coordinate logistics and guidance on sightseeing of local areas (Fun@Doctors for India)


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