CHAI, one of the pioneers of Community Health interventions in the country, understands it as a process of enabling the people, especially the poor and the marginalized, to be collectively responsible to attain and maintain their health and demand health as a right, and ensure availability of quality health care at reasonable cost. 
Community Health has always been a priority for CHAI. Several of CHAI’s member institutions (MIs) are facilitating Community Health, with their own resources, using the principle of cross-subsidization. In addition to this, with the support of Misereor, CHAI Directorate has been implementing Community Health projects in 390 villages from 2014 to 2017. This has been done in partnership with 60 MIs through 6 Regional Units of CHAI (CHAAP, CHAMP, RUPCHA, CHAT, OCHA and WBCHA), covering 9 states (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal). As part of the third phase, 150 villages are chosen to consolidate the work done so far.
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In addition to the numbers above, the following three success-stories highlight grass-roots advocacy in those villages:
Advocacy with Panchayath Raj Institution(PRI) to Construct Houses Under Indira Awas Yojana
HousesPeople of Chattakpur village living near the forest area are very poor and they didn’t have any land to construct their houses. So when the ‘Lok Suraj Abhiyaan’* took place in the village, the people submitted an application regarding this point. Considering the dire need of the people, the Chattisgarh Government sanctioned the proposal and the Pradhan Mantri Awas Colony came in to existence and 24 families availed the scheme.
The continuous efforts of the Community Health Coordinator and Community HealthVolunteer of Holy Family Health Centre, Beltoli, houses were sanctioned to the poor and needy. The Panchyat President positively responded to the request made by the project team members. He approached various officials and got constructed a state-of-the art gated community houses with all amenities like power and water supply.
*‘Lok Suraj Abhiyaan’ is meant to mobilize all levels of government and bring them closer to people, establishing a certain level of transparency, from the Chief Minister to the Sarpanch, and from the Chief Secretary to the Panchayat Secretary. They interact directly with the people to enquire and redress their problems. Subsequently, they take feedback on schemes and policies to analyze their effective implementation. Essentially, this exercise lays the foundation for policy making, course correction and also helps in administrative oversight. Through the social audits conducted during the course of Lok Suraj Abhiyaan, the government gets insights into the needs and aspirations of the people. (
SHG Women’s Initiative to Reconstruct the Balwadi Building
Untitled-3In Chilbil Village, there was no proper and safe building for running the Govt. Balwadi (pre-school). The children were having classes in a rented house. Many a time, the parents made representations to the authoritiesconcerned through teachers to shift the Balwadi  but their requests fell on deaf ears.
Though some women members of Self Healf Groups(SHGs) in the area took the lead and approached the Sarpanch (panchayat president) it was in vain. They then approached Siyambar, the local CHV of the project, who facilitated them to boldly raise the issue in the Gram Sabha, submit an application to the sarpanch and sachiv (panchayat secretary), detailing their need for a Balwadi and their efforts made so far. In spite of their constant follow-up, no positive result came through. The women then threatened Sarpanch and Sachiv saying that they would take the issue to the higher authorities. That worked. A sudden change came over their callous attitude. In December 2017, the reconstruction work started. It was completed in March 2018, providing a safe and secure building for the Balwadi.
Renovation of Bridge Through Involvement of People
BridgeThe bridge across the irrigation canal in Chattakpur village which was used to irrigate 11 villages got destroyed over the passage of time. The people of the village were under great tension as they fully depended on agriculture for their livelihood. As per the decision of the villagers they submitted an application to the irrigation department to renovate the bridge. But since there was no fund, they didn’t do anything. But the Hydropower department came to their rescue. The renovation of the bridge was done with the cooperation of the people.
Thanks to the motivation of the Community Health Coordinator(CHC) and Community Health volunteer(CHV), from Holy Family Health Center at Beltoli, the villagers came together to address their problem.

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