• One of the largest not-for-profit association in health sector in the world
  • Key member, Indian chapter of International People’s Health Movement
  • 71 years of service in the health sector
  • An expansive base of 3481 Member Institutions (MIs) with over 1000 Sister-Doctors; 25,000 Sister-Nurses; 10,000 plus paraprofessionals along with two lakhslay employees.
  • Our MIs treat over 21 million patients every year other than 5,000 HIV patients,  3,500 children affected or infected with HIV, 10,000 children/young adults with disability and  15,000 children given community based care.
  • Granted United Nations’Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1st August 2013.
  • On behalf of CHAI, Director-General Rev. Dr. Tomi Thomas, IMS, attended the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly Panel Discussion on“Child, Early and Forced Marriage Worldwide, including the Elaboration of the Post-2015 Development Agenda” at Trusteeship Council Chamber, CB, on 5 September,2014.
  • Member of International Committee of Catholic Health Care, Rome, Advisory Board of Christian Journal for Global Health-Australia, Christian Coalition for Health (CCH), Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI), Christian Medical College (CMC) – Vellore and Ludhiana, CBCI-Coalition for AIDS and related Diseases (CBCI-CARD) and Emanuel Hospital Association (EHA)
  • Vijay Bahuguna, Honourable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, awarded CHAI a Certificate of Merit in recognition of the praiseworthy medical and relief work done during the devastating disaster that struck Uttarakhand in June 2013
  • CHAI has a strong research wing. It presented research papers and posters at the following International Conferences
    • International Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity, May2014, Honolulu, USA
    • IFA 12th Ageing Conference, June 2014, Hyderabad
    • European Post Polio Conference, June 2014, Amsterdam
    • 45th UNION World Conference on Lung health, November 2014, Barcelona, Spain
  • CHAI will present papers at the following International Conferences
    • 14th World Congress on Public Health, February 2015, Kolkata
    • 16thWorld Conference on Tobacco or Health, March 2015, Abu Dhabi 


Types of Facilities* No.          Types of Facilities No.

Curative Care:Primary care centres(1401 with nil beds & 903 with 1 to 10 beds)

Secondary & Tertiary care hospitals, including 18 Hospitals offering DNB

[With a total of 50,000 beds, both Health Centres and Hospitals together.]



Medical Colleges 5 Training institutions 250
Nursing Schools and Colleges 134 Counselling & De-addiction centre 32
Terminal/Palliative Care Centres 82 Disability rehabilitation centres 210
Mental Health Centres 103 Geriatric care centres 121
Leprosariums 52 Centres for Alternative and Complementary System of Medicine 57
HIV/AIDS Community Care Centers – including 40 centres for children infected/affected and 60 counselling centres 123

Associate Members

Social Service Societies



*Many of these institutions carry out more than one role.  Hence, the aggregate of these varied institutions does not tally to total number of  MIs (3481)  mentioned above. 
Category of Personnel No. Treating people in a year > 21 million







Sister/Priests-Social Workers


Nursing students graduate every year



> 25,000


> 10,000


> 40,000


> 8,700


HIV patients given care per day


Children affected or infected with HIV provided institutional care


Children under community based care

Educational, health & rehabilitation support annually for children with special needs

SHG Members facilitated by CHAI member institutions and their sister concerns

> 5000


> 2000


 > 15,000


> 10,000


2 million


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