CHAI aims at creating empowered communities to identify causes of ill-health and take active responsibility for their own health and development by increasing the capacity of the health workers, health system and community. 

Over 10,000 people across all cadres of health have been trained in the past five years on various areas.

Key areas in training:

  1. Community Based rehabilitation
  2. Alternative System of medicine
  3. Spiritual care –
  4. Telemedicine technology
  5. HIV/AIDS – care, support and treatment
  6. Geriatric care
  7. Nurse practitioners training
  8. Hospital Administration 

Key Projects

  • CHAI team facilitates, in partnership with CRS, a national wide platform (‘Alliance for Immunization in India’ – ‘Aii’), with a National Steering Committee, of more than 300 CSOs – with special emphasis currently in the States of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh – to engage them effectively in country’s immunization programme, under ‘GAVI-CSO Alliance’ project.
  • Supported by Kindermissionswerk – Germany, CHAI has initiated a pilot project “Promoting Mother and Child Health through Mothers’ Clubs.” The project covers seven States – providing comprehensive maternal health care to 1000 pregnant women, identified through CHAI’s ten Member Hospitals in rural areas, over a period of 1000 days up to the child’s 2nd birth day. Also, Action Research is undertaken scaling up the model at sustainable level.
  • CHAI implements Telemedicine project in 60 Centers by effectively linking them to expert doctors – annually benefitting 93,600 patients of medically underserved rural/remote areas.
  • CHAI recently initiated ‘CHAI Children Health Clubs’ (CCHCs) in schools.
  • Its Solar Energy project, supported by Misereor, helps CHAI’s Healthcare-Institutions become energy-efficient and energy-sufficient
  • With DFID – UK support, CHAI implemented, in collaboration with Micro Insurance Academy (MIA), ‘Improving Access to Health’ project – created awareness among the communities of the 178 villages in Odisha on malaria control & access to Community-Based-Health Insurance.
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