1. Children with Disabilities (CwDs):

CHAI with support from various donors, especially Liliane Foundation (LF), provides education, health & rehabilitation support annually for over 10,000 differently abled children/young adults, mainly in partnership with 116 Partner Organizations (POs), spread across 8 States of India (Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa and Gujarat). This intervention provides support and  comprehensive rights based assistance to persons with disabilities, belonging to marginalized families.

Target Group 

The main beneficiaries are children and young people with disabilities in the age group of 1 – 25 years and their parents/caregivers. They come from resource-poor communities where CHAI as a Strategic Partner Organization of LF operates with its partners. The different types of disability we assist:

  • Problems with vision  (e.g. blind, low vision)
  • Problems with hearing and speech  (e.g. deaf )
  • Problems with moving  (e.g. polio, spinal problems)
  • Neurological problems  (e.g. epilepsy*, brain damage)
  • Intellectual and /or behaviour problems  (e.g. mental retardation, down syndrome )
  • Cosmetic problems  (e.g. burns, cleft palate)

*Epilepsy, although not a disability in the strict sense, is on the list of diseases that the CHAI helps detect and treat.

CHAI’s assistance is aimed at providing total rehabilitation assistance to give child the opportunity to develop him/herself as a human being. Hence CHAI supports for:

  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Educational support
  • Skill Trainings
  • Vocational Training, and
  • Income Generation Programmes 

Community Based Rehabilitation

The focus of assistance is on children with a disability who live with their families. Children in institutions may also receive assistance. They will then be stimulated to return to their families and communities, if they are accepted there. Children have a right to family life and they develop best in their own environment. Assistance that is based on their local context, close to home is usually most appropriate and efficient. 

Partner Organizations (POs) 

Local POs are the backbone of CHAI’s work with/for CwDs. Their mediators are essential for the qualitative development and continuity of the assistance to children and youngsters with disabilities.  The POs include:

  • Non-governmental organisations;
  • Faith-based organisations;
  • Community-based organisations;
  • Disabled people organisations.

These Partner Organizations have direct and close contact with local communities and their children. CHAI routes the funds from LF to the programmes of POs for Direct Child Assistance, because they are most suitable to provide Direct Child Assistance at a local level. 

  1. Other Kinds of Support or PwDs: 
  • India is now home to the world’s largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. Of these, three million (26%) children, suffer due to corneal disorders.  What’s worse, 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness, thanks to the country’s acute shortage of optometrists and donated eyes for the treatment of corneal blindness.
  • Keeping the gravity of the situation in mind, CHAI has now focused its attention, in collaboration with its Regional Units/Member Institutions to create awareness on eye donation and preventive measures with respect to visual impairment that can be avoided or cured.
  • On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary in 2013, provided IOL lenses, free of cost, to the neediest, with support from ChristoffelBlindenmission(CBM)
  • With support from WonderWork, since two years, CHAI supports the cataract surgeries of more than 400 neediest patients 


Liliane Foundation (LF) founded in the year 1980, is a Netherlands-based funding agency which provides support for comprehensive tailor made and rights based assistance to children and youths with disabilities in low income countries. Operating through a network of Partner Organizations (PO) and affiliated local contacts mediators, LF offers a unique person-centered and targeted direct child assistance strategy. The support covers (para)-medical, education, rehabilitation and livelihoods needs of children and youngsters with disabilities below the age of 25.

Liliane Foundation is working with Partners in India since 1981 helping thousands of children every year with necessary rehabilitative interventions. In 1994, the Foundation decentralised its implementation and administration activities through its Strategic Partner CHAI.

Currently, the CHAI-LF Project is working with 150 local Partner Organizations spread across 7 States of India (Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa and Gujarat).

Through these Partners, last year alone CHAI-LF and has assisted nearly 12000 children and youths with disabilities.

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